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Fair Hours:

Friday, March 24: 5pm - 10pm

Saturday, March 25: 11am - 10pm

Sunday, March 26: 10:30am - 4pm

Be sure to check out the events and food tabs for more information on all the entertaimment and the delicious food that will be available!


Saturday Vigil 4pm

Sunday 8am   •   Sunday 9:30am

NOTE: No 11am mass on Sunday!

THANK YOU everyone who has so generously donates time, sweets, frozen foods, and supplies to make the St. Jude fair happen. The fair couldn't happen without you!
We are currently looking for volunteers to work the game booths and prize booth and trash duty.

Please Note: Purchase your ride bands in advance online this year.

This year there will be no tickets issued, but we'll be using cards filled with advanced paid credits. Ride bands can also carry advanced paid credits. Use the kiosks at the fair. Kiosks take cash or card. It's super easy! OR Get your paid credits on your phone using the MAGIC MONEY app. NO MORE WAITING IN LINE TO GET TICKETS! You can even add a ride band with this app!


Thank you for frequenting these businesses that have generously sponsored the fair.

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Schmeekle Family • Cleve Brown, DDS • The Darensbourg CPA Firm, LLC • Louisiana Vegetation Management, Inc.

Rathmann Chiropractic Clinic • Dr. Sean Smith

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